Beauty lies deep in our minds. It is a gift handed down from the intelligent skills and rich emotional lives of our most ancient ancestors. Our powerful reaction to images, to the expression of emotion in art, to the beauty of music, to the night sky, will be with us and our descendants for as long as the human race exists.

-Denis Dutton, philosopher


The Sense Of Beauty

A new six episodes series where art and knowledge become the lenses to discover the power, the complexity and the fascination of beauty.

1-The Genesis of Beauty

2-The Atlas of Beauty

3-The Formula of Beauty

4-The Other Side of Beauty

5-The False Beauty

6-The Universal Beauty



KEPACH PRODUCTION presenta The Sense Of Beauty:

Directed by
Massimo Brega

Music by
Petteri Sainio

Hosted by
Dominic Frisby

Produced by
Kepach Srls